What is Krav Maga Self Defense?

Krav Maga self defense is globally renowned as the most practical street defense and hand-to-hand combat system in the world. Literally meaning “contact combat”, it is pronounced KRAHV muh-GAH.

Originally developed by Imi Lichtenfeld as a defensive tactics system for the Israeli Defense Forces, it has achieved international prominence as the official self defense and fighting system for several law enforcement agencies and elite military units in the United States and other countries.

After Darren Levine and other krav legends made Imi's self defense and fighting fitness system available to the civilian population, Krav training centers have spread into major cities across the United States, Japan and other areas of the world.  

2012 Training Center of the Year: www.KravMagaIndy.com

Self Defense, Fighting and Fitness

Imi Lichtenfeld designed the Krav Maga self defense and street fighting system with the average person in mind so that anyone regardless of age, size or gender could quickly learn how to defend themselves with skilled proficiency using hand-to-hand combat techniques.

In a short period of time, you will develop a level of street-wise wisdom and physical skills that will dramatically increase your chances of survival in armed and unarmed situations.

You will quickly develop a high level of situational awareness and an instinctive no-think-about-it physical ability to defend and protect yourself and your loved ones against one-on-one attacks and in situations where you may find yourself defending against multiple assailants.   

Combat Fitness: Fighting To Get Fit

With the growing mainstream popularity of mixed martial arts organizations like UFC and Bellator, self defense and fighting fitness programs are becoming popular ways to learn how to defend yourself and to get into shape.

Many well-known Hollywood movie stars have used Krav fitness programs to sculpt their bodies including Jennifer Lopez and Ashton Kutcher. But you don't have to be a movie star to get the opportunity to have a body like one. All you have to do participate in fitness classes at your local Krav training center. But if there is no training center near you and you have to train a home, get a copy of The Everything Krav Maga For Fitness book.

Krav Self Defense And Fitness Books

The original Imi Lichtenfeld self defense and hand-to-hand contact combat classic Krav Maga: How To Defend Yourself Against Armed Attackers.

Krav Legend Darren Levine's classic book for beginners (Yellow Belt and Orange Belt

Tina Angelotti's comprehensive action guide to Krav combat fitness

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