Official Krav Maga Training Centers

Attending self defense classes at a official krav maga training center is the absolute best, fastest way to achieve lethal proficiency in reality-based Krav Maga street defensive tactics and techniques in the shortest time possible.

Krav Maga Indy - 2012 Krav Maga Worldwide School of the Year

Krav Maga Indy Chief Instructor Jeff Fredericksen and staff instructor Nikki Seidl

Why You Should Take Self Defense Classes At A Krav Maga Training Center

Personal coaching. All instructors are required to pass very intensive courses. Instructors are not only highly trained in teaching Krav Maga self defense and fighting fitness but they also are trained to ensure the safety of their students as much as possible.

Group interaction. Krav Maga self defense classes can range from as small as two people to more than 30 people. Training with others has many benefits versus learning Krav Maga on your own from books and DVDs.

Each class gives you the opportunity to train with someone different who may be a different shape, size or height than you which makes you more proficient in defending yourself in a real-life contact combat situation on the streets where your attacker more than likely will be bigger than you.

Training from a position of disadvantage. In Krav Maga classes, instructors use drills that imitate real-life scenarios where you have to react to a attack from one or more aggressors.

On the streets, victims of violence are often caught off guard. Aggressors on the streets will often choose victims that they perceive as weaker than themselves or who at least seem distracted or not aware of their surroundings.

Unlike traditional martial arts that put lots of emphasis on proper footwork, balance, weight distribution, hand positioning and so on, Krav Maga self defense instructors utilize reality-based training drills that teach you to react under the physical and mental stresses that you would experience in a real encounter on the streets.

Meet people. You will be amazed at the different kinds of people you will meet in a Krav Maga self defense class or fighting fitness workout. Indeed, you will meet people from all walks of life.

Gun From Behind Defense

Krav Indy Chief Instructor Jeff "El Jefe" Fredericksen and staff instructor Myles Gomez

What You Should Look For In A Krav Maga Training Center

School Certification. A Krav Maga training center licensed with Krav Maga Worldwide ensures that the facility, the staff members, and the instructors meet the highest level of standards.

Instructor Experience. If a school in your area is not licensed by Krav Maga Worldwide, you should perform due diligence in researching the credentials of the instructors. Since you will be putting a lot of trust in your instructor, you want to make sure the instructor has solid credentials and practical experience and is not someone who just completed a couple of levels and decided to open their own training center.

Training Equipment. Official Krav Maga training centers provide a safe environment with all the training equipment you need to become a lean, mean fighting machine. In self defense classes, students often use focus mitts, kicking shields, and punching shields. The fighting fitness classes include punching bags, medicine balls, dumbbells, jump rope and other exercise tools. 

How To Defend Against A Choke From The Side

Krav Indy staff instructor Matt Lemmons demonstrates how to defend yourself against someone trying to choke you from the side.

Teach Yourself Krav Maga At Home

If you can't find any Krav Maga training center near you, you can teach yourself Krav Maga at home. There are many excellent books and DVDs that you could use to study Krav Maga. You could also sign up for a online training course. Of course, you will need to create a Krav Maga home gym with the proper equipment and gear.

With the proper mindset, a well-equipped home gym, and a burning desire to learn Krav Maga self defense, you can teach yourself Krav Maga at your own pace and still become extremely effective in defending yourself from violent aggressors on the streets.

Krav Self Defense And Fitness Books

The original Imi Lichtenfeld self defense and hand-to-hand contact combat classic Krav Maga: How To Defend Yourself Against Armed Attackers.

Krav Legend Darren Levine's classic book for beginners (Yellow Belt and Orange Belt)

Tina Angelotti's comprehensive action guide to Krav combat fitness

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