How To Learn Krav Maga At Home

You can self study Krav Maga at home if there is not a Krav Maga training center near you. That said, Krav Maga self defense classes with certified instructors at a official Krav training center are the most effective way to learn. Nothing compares to the personal instruction and intensive education students receive from live instructors.

Krav Maga at home training serves you best as a supplement to reinforce the training you receive from live self defense classes. However, if you can not find a Krav Maga training center or certified instructor in your area, you can still teach yourself Krav Maga in the privacy of your home gym.

Krav Maga self defense was developed by Grandmaster Imi Lichtenfeld so that the average civilian could learn quickly and proficiently. Imi knew that the daily demands of the average person did not allow the countless hours and years of training required by traditional martial arts to achieve a high level of street defense proficiency.

In response to the special needs of the civilian population, Imi Lichtenfeld designed a practical defensive tactics system that anyone could learn, regardless of age, size, shape and gender. So even though nothing beats learning Krav Maga self defense techniques and tactics under the guidance of a live instructor, the simpleness of the Krav Maga self defense system allows you the ability to teach yourself the world’s most effective street defense system.

With the right study aids, a proper home gym setup and a disciplined work ethic, you can teach yourself at home and still become proficient enough to defend yourself on the streets or to at least give yourself a solid chance to save your life in a dangerous situation.

Krav Maga Self Defense And Fitness Books

The original Imi Lichtenfeld self defense and hand-to-hand contact combat classic Krav Maga: How To Defend Yourself Against Armed Attackers.

Krav Legend Darren Levine's classic book for beginners (Yellow Belt and Orange Belt)

Tina Angelotti's comprehensive action guide to Krav combat fitness

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