Krav Maga For Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide To The World's Easiest-To-Learn, Most Effective Fitness and Fighting System

If you are new to Krav Maga self defense classes, this book is a must-have for your personal library. This comprehensive guide to Level 1 and Level 2 (Yellow Belt and Orange Belt) curriculum serves as an excellent supplement to your classes at a official Krav training center.

Throughout the book, clear and simple photos reinforcing the written instructions enhance your learning and retention. Not only do you learn the defensive movements to various common attacks but every description explains the immediate dangers and secondary dangers of each attack situation.

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Every technique description also includes the reasons behind each defensive movement and gives you answers to commonly asked questions related to each counterattack.

So, if you are a Level 1 or Level 2 student, this book is highly recommended as it will help you gain a greater understanding of everything you are taught in your self defense classes. And if you inspire to one day become a certified Krav instructor, this step-by-step guide will help you develop the technical knowledge to teach the basic curriculum to others.

What You Will Learn From This Book

  • History of Krav Maga and it's growth in the United States.
  • The principles and philosophies that guide every serious Kravist.
  • How to handle yourself and deal successfully with a violent situation.
  • The importance of functional fitness to self defense and fighting.
  • Special considerations involved in self defense for women.
  • Understanding the rules and laws of self defense to keep yourself out of jail.
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Book Features

  • 192 pages.
  • Over 360 step-by-step photos.
  • Focuses on the first two levels - yellow belt and orange belt - of the Krav self defense system.
  • Detailed explanations of the reasons behind every specific movement.
  • Teaches the immediate and secondary dangers of various attacks.
  • Answers to commonly asked questions related to each defense technique.

Meet The Authors

Darren Levine – Sixth degree black belt and Chief Instructor of the United States. Largely responsible for the growing popularity of Imi Lichtenfeld's system of self defense, fighting and fitness in the United States of America and several other countries.

Ryan Hoover – Training in Krav self defense, fighting and fitness since 2001, Ryan owns very popular training centers in North Carolina. He has also mentored several NFL players on the North Carolina Panthers in strength and conditioning.

John Whitman – Fourth degree black belt, Krav instructor and entrepreneur. Since 1994, John has trained thousands of civilians and numerous military units and law enforcement personnel. John has also authored the following 24 novels featuring American bad-ass counter terrorist agent Jack Bauer:

24 Declassified: Trinity
24 Declassified: Chaos Theory
24 Declassified: Veto Power
24 Declassified: Cat's Claw

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