Seven Keys To Successfully Teaching Yourself Krav Maga Self Defense, Fighting And Combat Fitness.

Books and DVDs. You will find no shortage of Krav Maga books and instructional videos on the Krav system of self defense, fighting and fitness. Using them together reinforces each other. For best results, use books and instructional DVDs authored by certified Krav instructors.

Training Equipment and Gear. Investing in the proper training equipment for your home gym will help you become extremely effective and proficient at mastering self defense and fighting techniques. Punching bags, gloves, hand wraps, shin guards are just some of the equipment and gear necessary for a serious Krav student.

Dedicated Training Area. You will need to dedicate an area of your home for your training time. It should be spacious enough to allow you to at least perform the techniques you will be learning from books and DVDs. Possible home training areas include the basement, the garage, a dedicated room, or a barn.  You could even build a training facility outside in your backyard but then your training opportunities become dependent on the weather. 

Find A Partner. Training with a partner creates a realism that you can not get with punching bags and other training tools. Best results come when you have someone to train with daily or at least a couple of times a week. In fact, practicing and sparring with a partner is the only way you will ever become truly effective in executing self defense and fighting techniques with lethal proficiency on the streets.

Attend Live Events. Even if you don’t have any self defense and fighting classes in your area, you should find a Darren Levine lecture and seminar to attend in the major city nearest you. Attending a seminar every three or four months will help you reinforce and hone the Krav self defense skills and fighting techniques you taught yourself at home.

Online Training.  Online training programs are quite effective yet they can be costly. A monthly subscription for some of the best online programs costs the same or slightly more than a membership at a live Krav training center. However, if you can not find a official Krav Maga training center near you, online training programs can serve as an excellent alternative for learning at home.

Long Distance Training. A lot of certified instructors offer one-on-one training so you could find one that might be willing to meet with you on a quarterly basis or other time table. Look for an instructor that will review with you what you taught yourself. After assessing your current skills, a highly qualified Krav instructor will teach you new self defense techniques and give you a curriculum to follow and practice at home until your next one-on-one training session.

Krav Maga Self Defense And Fitness Books

The original Imi Lichtenfeld self defense and hand-to-hand contact combat classic Krav Maga: How To Defend Yourself Against Armed Attackers.

Krav Legend Darren Levine's classic book for beginners (Yellow Belt and Orange Belt)

Tina Angelotti's comprehensive action guide to Krav combat fitness

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