Complete Krav Maga: The Ultimate Guide To Over 230 Self-Defense And Combative Techniques

Complete Krav Maga lays out the curriculum for the first five levels of Krav Maga. If you are a newbie, this book serves as an essential reference guide to reinforcing the techniques that you will learn in your self defense and fighting classes. It will also give you a future look into what you can expect as you progress up the ladder of Krav Maga mastery.

In the Foreword written by MMA legend, entrepreneur and Hollywood movie star Bas Rutten, Bas shares his story of how he became introduced to Darren Levine and Krav Maga Worldwide and why Krav Maga has all the answers for street defense.

The Krav Maga Belt System consists of six levels - yellow belt, orange belt, green belt, blue belt, brown belt and black belt. Complete Krav Maga focuses on the first five levels of Krav Maga self defense, progressing from yellow belt to brown belt.

While the Krav Belt System uses colors to designate the different levels of mastery, no actual belts are given to adult students like in traditional martial arts dojos. Rather, after each level you successfully master, you will receive a diploma signed by your local Chief Instructor and US Chief Instructor Darren Levine.

If you are fortunate enough to take classes at a local Krav training center, you will notice the different degrees of belts referred to as “Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5” by both instructors and members.

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What You Will Learn From This Book

  • Why MMA legend Bas Rutten recommends Krav Maga for street defense.

  • What is Krav Maga and why it is not a traditional art.
  • The historical roots of the Krav Maga self defense and fighting system.
  • Krav Maga is based on principles and not just techniques. Mastering techniques is just the beginning to understanding Krav self defense, not the end.
  • How to apply Krav Maga principles to business and life.
  • The importance of safety in training, whether with a partner at home or at a Krav training center.
  • Terminology that is specific to Krav self defense and fighting.

Book Features

  • 342 pages
  • Hundreds of step-by-step photos.
  • Over 230 self defense and combative techniques demonstrating the complete Krav Maga system from yellow belt to brown belt.
  • Foreword written by Bas Rutten – former UFC Heavyweight Champion and Hollywood celebrity.
  • Detailed curriculum of the first five levels of Krav Maga – Yellow Belt, Orange Belt, Green Belt, Blue Belt, Brown Belt.


Darren Levine – Sixth degree black belt and US Chief Instructor of Krav Maga Worldwide. Largely responsible for the growing popularity of Krav Maga self defense, fighting and fitness in the United States of America and several other countries.

John Whitman – Former president of Krav Maga Worldwide. Since 1994, John has trained thousands of civilians and numerous military units and law enforcement personnel.

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